Inspiration comes from everywhere...


15 AGO 22 - Formentera

Like low clouds hovering over the sea,

halfway between nature and architecture,

the scent of life lived in the present moment,

a suspended paradise of eternal happiness:

Na Blanca d’en Mestre and brothers.



12 APR 20 - Home Quarantine

Now more than ever we understand:
 the meaning of looking at life with a particular perspective,
 the indispensability of beauty in the small-great things of existence,
 the importance of space, nature and the environment.

These are all fundamental themes of our way of design and our vision of world and happiness.


24 DEC 19 - Edinburgh

The roofs of Edinburgh well represent the tips of the icebergs of my imagination. Every day I walk on the street level, but a good part of me, since I know myself, roams between chimneys, fog and smokestacks.


21 APR 19 - Aberdeenshire

Minimalist beauty lives by creating the maximum possible aesthetic experience with just a few elements. Scottish moorlands. Nothing else to add.


23 MAR 19 - Modena

A Master Sommelier today made an architect’s statement. He asserted that pinot noir is a vine that is built more on the absence than on the presence, which exists more in the void than in the material, because it slips into the mouth without biting but once swallowed returns with all its power of aromas and fragrances . He lives in deferred time even in the empty glass.

Sometimes to make good design it is necessary to remove, draw the void, mold by subtraction. It is the same when a memory is more beautiful and full of meaning than the experience itself.


02 FEB 18 - Cortina D'Ampezzo

Have you ever wondered what is the best way for a building to fit into the landscape? Just like these strands of white chocolate make with the delicious terroir of this dessert at “La Corte del Lampone al Rosapetra”: becoming a landscape themselves. 


30 DEC 17 - Chichén Itzá

This is the mouth of the well of the water sorcerers, where for centuries rivers of human blood have nourished the earth and the sky, where the hearts of the valiant, torn still warm and pulsating, were given to the sun.

This is the place where the conservation of the cosmic cycle has been the burden of countless lives, where beauty is intertwining with death and the sunrises are the most red in the history of humanity. A place that scares me and moves me, and makes me want to design a total black pool.