GLIFO is an aesthetic vision, a way of conceiving architecture and design pursuing beauty through synthesis and simplicity.

In every place already exists an architecture before it even comes to light: the architect gives it a voice by revealing its complexity and using signs that derive from tradition and from the collective unconscious. Through the recovery of the expressive and synthetic strength of the symbol, he narrates something that speaks directly to the conscience: the grammar of this story is geometry, its purpose is beauty. The human being needs beauty as it makes his existence memorable, promotes inspiration and self-knowledge and makes pain and suffering dignified.

It is also a response to its time, counter-trend to the external stimuli that make individuals hypersensitive to the negative sides of existence, inclined to overestimate problems, and fundamentally unbalanced. It stems from the need to enjoy a mystical beauty aimed at centering: the recovery of a profound connection with one’s self, thanks to external inputs given by the designed space.